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Gun Company Creates Stir and Sales

** Update 1047am Friday December 2nd 2011. Apparently the web traffic’s website from the news coverage has increased to a point and crashed their server at one point after it went viral. You can view a cached copy as seen below at the end of this article.**

Friday December 2nd, 2011, a gun supply, ammunition, and supplies store who mainly targets sales online has created quite a stir with a controversial ad campaign. The campaign compares president Obama in the same context as Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, and others who implemented gun control and killed millions through the government repression that allowed for mass genocide and tyrannical government controls.

The ad states that governments render their citizens defenseless through gun control. “Liberty is perpetuated by armed citizens. An armed citizen can defend himself against threat and foe.” the video explains. “The defenseless are subject to enslavement, imprisonment, and annihilation. ”

Apparently, the idea was conceived and emailed out early this week to coincide with Cyber Black Monday. And it has created a stir nationally in the political field.

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News flash for the President, we know you control the White House

Portage County TEA Party September 12, 2010

Dear Editor,

This week President Obama visited Ohio for the 10th time in 18 months.  Every time he visits, the President keeps trying to tell us that he can’t turn the economy around because the Republican are the “party of NO” and will not vote for anything

Advancing Sharia law and Islamic domination in America

Written by Right Side News   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Walid Shoebat a former Islamic terrorist, whose mother tongue is Arabic as well as understanding the mindset of people from the Middle East, has been doing extensive research in the Arabic speaking media on what Imam Rauf has been saying and writing in the Arabic.

Walid Shoebat states, “Americans need to understand the level of deception and lies as well as the ends that Muslim clergy like Imam Rauf will go to advance their agenda of advancing Sharia law and Islamic domination in America.”

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Investigators: Obama using Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number

By Jerome R. Corsi © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979,

Organizing for America Boot Camps

An organization called Organizing for America, otherwise known as OFA,  will be holding “boot camps” with the “purpose of the training schedule is to educate attendees on OFA’s policies and our strategy for 2010.”

OFA is a project of the Democratic National Committee and is the successor organization to Obama for America. Obama for

What’s Really Driving Obama’s Sudden Interest in Oil

By Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning                                                      April 2, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama generated a lot of hubbub with his decision to open up parts of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to oil drilling.

We’ve all heard the criticisms that some of the geological surveys are as much as 30

Fate of Obama’s aunt to be fought behind closed doors

BUCKING TO STAY IN U.S.: President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Polly Onyango, 57, relaxes outside her South Boston apartment last July while wearing pearls and a dress her nephew gave her.


By Laurel J. Sweet Tuesday, February 2, 2010 

The illegal alien aunt of President Obama could learn this week whether she