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Joe average, YOU are the media now!

A Citizen for Freedom, April 3, 2011

Citizens, just a reminders to all the folks out there – there are about 300 million living in the US. So as far as media goes, if you add up all of the conservative media watchers you are looking at maybe (roughly) about 30 million? (not nearly enough!). Most average Joes don’t really know the issues at much depth and just trust much of what they hear on TV, which we know is usually twisted to favor left, especially more so in the past year.

                    YOU are the media now. 

“A lot of people think of social media as some sort of magic bullet, but it comes down to the story you’re telling” – Kirk Torrance

You need to tell your friends, family, facebook, craigslist, church, social groups, email, etc… every way you can, what is going on in our country and influence as many as you can, since our mainstream media is pretty hard left. If you have never politically evangelized before, THIS IS THE YEAR for it! I just wanted to encourage everyone.

Teach your circle of influence the truth, and they will vote accordingly. If you don’t get involved to change things, you can’t complain that we don’t like them. And expand your circle of influence, I hope everyone gets the seriousness of where we are at today. The left is super organized, and we aren’t. But we have more numbers, but we are also traditionally UN-INVOLVED. This MUST change. Silent majority turns into a minority over time. There are many out there SEEKING answers, and if we aren’t the ones they HEAR, they will decide the other way.

I also used to be terrible at this, but have since changed as our great country is at a turning point, and WE are the solution. I just hope enough of us actually DO something.

I hate to point this out, but please read history. When countries fall or drastically change, often people end up imprisoned or worse. This is serious business.

Some ideas:
- Present FACTS, speak in LOVE and TRUTH! Be respectful, remember a lot of people have their hearts and hopes wrapped up in their candidate, and will get defensive if you attack, but if you are nice about it, they are more likely to listen. Don’t use angry words, they don’t care about YOUR feelings, you need to explain to them why it should matter to THEM. Be passionate. Just say – “Hey I had some hopes that Obama would be a good President too, but here are the things he unfortunately has majorly failed on”, and them give them a list of facts. And show them the unfortunate economic realities of what will happen to America and their own pocketbook if he stays in power.

- the best thing you can do is use Obama’s own words against him. (Local politicians as well for local campaigns) “Clinging to their guns and religion” (PA speech), “visited all 57 states” (google “57 Member States”, you might be shocked (there are 57 Islamic States, conicidence? – Rush pointed this one out in 2008 by the way), “Punished with a baby” (especially share that with Religious voters), “under my plan, Energy Prices would NECESSARILY skyrocket”, (tell that to your poor friends who can barely afford to fill their gas tanks), Pelosi – “We must pass the Health Care Bill so that we can find out what’s in it” (yes that is her REAL QUOTE), those are just a few to mention, you can look up many many more, and use them as well… Be sure to tell people that they can look them up themselves… All of this is documented and out there to see.

- Print up some flyers and have on hand, pass them out, provide web links to real news sources that back up your claims, and tell the people to look it up themselves so they know you aren’t just trying to convince them. If you are a walker, walk them around your neighborhood. You can stick them in door handles, just avoid mailboxes.

- use Facebook, twitter, craigslist, you can post comments on all sorts of news websites – stick to the biggest ones to get the most bang for your post, and post on the “most read” stories, to get the maximum exposure. Show facts and quotes and news sources whenever possible in addition to your opinion.

- Show what will happen to the dollar if the left is allowed to ruin the US economy, and then show them what will happen to THEM – how they won’t be able to feed their kids, etc… – MOST FOLKS DONT UNDERSTAND ECONOMICS very well, they need to see it broken down to why they should care…There are examples of what has happened in other economies (Argentina, etc…) that you can find online to show… Scary stuff, but folks don’t know this!

- If you are more tech savvy or internet minded, start a blog or website where you can post all of your facts and such, and post links. You can create websites for super cheap, and templates are available.

- If you are talking to libs, show them the quotes from those who recently have called for Obamas impeachment (Kucinich recently did), etc… That will show them that their own side is dissatisfied with him…

- Obviously, get into a group on this site, or join a local group of some sort, book club, bowling league, church group, ANYTHING HELPS

- Get the local VFW’s and other such groups to get involved if you can, these guys are true patriots and if you can bring them something to do, they likely will.

- One of the best things to do is teach your UNION friends about what their union leadership is doing. The SEIU Economic Terrorism thing, etc… Look it up, the union battle will be big in 2012, and the membership needs to see what their leadership is doing. Most union members are great folks, but they are being used and deceived by their leaders.
“Take away the army and you destroy the movement.”

- Work with any other conservative who really respects the Constitution that you can, don’t let all the little crap get in the way. The little crap won’t matter if our country falls! Work TOGETHER!


A Citizen for Freedom

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