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Tea Party endorsed State Central Committee

It was the recognition of an unusually large number of people running for State Central Committee that motivated ORP Chairman DeWine to issue “slate cards” endorsing the people he wanted on his governing board, in what appears to be violation of party rules and state election law.  The Ohio Election Commission has determined that there is “probable cause” and has scheduled a hearing for the full OEC of the case filed by State Central Committee candidate Thea Shoemake.

Recent unethical actions of some Republican primary candidates utilizing a pseudo TEA Party symbol to mislead voters on mailers and flyers, has caused numerous TEA Party groups throughout the state to compile its own list of authentic candidates. This list of candidates are men and women who are actually associated with various TEA Party organizations. This list includes TEA Party organizers, TEA Party participants, or incumbents who appear to have a conservative voting record which reflects the true TEA Party values, including fiscal responsibility. TEA Party members have been forced to compile this list to prevent the disingenuous candidates from misleading the voters into thinking there were actually associated with the movement.  
According to Jim Woods, a founder of Medina County Friends And Neighbors (MCFAN) group, “This slate resulted from many of the conservative grassroots organizations around the state, encouraging their members to increase their effectiveness in influencing public policy by becoming committeemen and committeewomen at the county and state levels in the major political parties.” 

 The role of the State Central Committee in political parties is a crucial one, since the central committee oversees state-level candidate recruitment, fundraising, and endorsements.  The need for a TEA-Party-compiled list became apparent when the Ohio Republican Party initiated the mailing of slate cards which failed to disclose the names of all candidates running for state central committee positions, and instead listed the names of the candidates preferred by a select few people within the party’s top leadership circle.

“We feel that our list presents to Ohio voters a more accurate list of available State Central Committee candidates since it identifies the candidates who would generally be preferred by conservative Republicans.  By failing to disclose the names of all candidates running in the May 4 Republican State Central Committee elections, the Ohio Republican Party has done a great disservice to both its electorate and to itself,” said TEA Party proponent, Steve Christopher.  Christopher and Woods agree that the 2010 election is simply too important to permit existing party leadership to continue to be “missing in action”, and deliver a repeat of the 2006 and 2008 elections by promoting only its own self-endorsed candidates.

 The Ohio State Central Committee TEA Party candidate list shown below can also be downloaded from the Portage County TEA Party website,, along with complete details on the duties and obligations of state central committee members and other information about the current state of the Ohio Republican Party’s state central committee.

  State Central Committee – Patriot’s list
District Committeewoman Committeeman
1 April Fryman Jeff Fryman
2   Jim Hoover
3 Jennifer Elicson Bill Todd
4 Bobbi Radeck Mark Haverkos
Tim Evans
5 Lisa Hayes Darryl Mahaffie*
6 Lara Norris Chuck Henshall
7 Lori Viars Bob McEwen
8 Christa Criddle* David Miller*
9 Joanne Kemmer Alex Triantifilou
10 Cynthia (CJ) Bieghler David Kearney
11 Lisa Simpson  
13 Marilyn Jacobcik Andrew Winemiller
Robert Rousseau*
14 Thea Shoemake John Becker*
16 Christy Overla George Momirov
17 Kathleen Ayres* Matt Lamb
18 Amy Sabath* Dale Fellows*
19 Teri Morgan* Richard Cochran
20 Rebecca Khune Bruce Kelbaugh
21 Susan Rodman Charles Drake
22 Sandy Calvert* Jim Woods
23 Colleen Wing* Mike Griffith
24 Molly Smith  
25 Beverly Goldstein Ron Lisy
26 Marsha Woods-Rexroth Shayne Dukette
Rick Geyer
27 Kathy Sadler Bryan Williams*
28 Debbie Walsh Andrew Manning*
29   Greg Butler
31   Mike Fracassa
32 April Sabo Jack Sabo
33 Sarah Brown* Dennis Strickler
  Note:  green shading, italicized indicates an unopposed race for one of our patriots
  Note:  yellow shading indicates an unopposed race for someone we wish had an opponent
  Note:  * indicates incumbent we want to keep – they were identified as being “good guys”.

2 comments to Tea Party endorsed State Central Committee

  • HarD.Wood

    It is a pity but most people do not know what role the Central Committee Chairmen play in defining what the “Party” stands for. If we are to change the Republican Party we must start here.

  • Billie in Beavercreek

    Recently I received a very expensive flyer for the GOP State Central Committee. It only had two names and this is a primary election. What happened to FAIR. I know Bruce Hull and Marlene Johnson also are running in the Greene County GOP for these positions, but the Party paid to advertise only 2 with my TAX money. Who ever sent this flyer out should be voted out so we can get back to FAIR. I would change parties if I could vote for the individuals I chose, but they are running as Republicans. Get Brenda Lewis and Kevin DeWine out of Central Committee so “We the People” can have a choice.

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