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The President refuses to accept the roles clearly outlined by the Constitution

By U.S. Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH)

January 31, 2014, 2013

This past week the President addressed a joint session of Congress to deliver his State of the Union address and I was quite disappointed with his direction for the year. Congress was able to come together this year in the best interest of the American people by passing a budget, important appropriations bills and the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) to name some of the bipartisan legislation.

WRRDA is a bill that was formed in the subcommittee that I chair and was written with ideas from each side of the aisle. This legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support with a vote of 417 to 3. The President chose to leave these instances out of his speech and has chosen to work without Congress to achieve his agenda. The President also touted achievements that were not to his credit, such as deficit reduction. The President took credit for work Congress and House Republicans had pushed so hard for. If we had not taken a stand and continued on the spending path the President had laid out in budgets and tax hikes, we would be spending much more.

About a week before the State of the Union the President said, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.” This comment was made while he explained to his Cabinet that Congress is redundant and his agenda can be accomplished without them. This sentiment was demonstrated clearly during the State of the Union. The President refuses to accept the roles clearly outlined by the Constitution. He repeatedly disregards Congress and instead focuses on his own agenda, declaring war on the Constitution.

The current policies that the President has in place continue to stifle job creation and continue to create uncertainty in the market place. The median household income has fallen by $3,795 under President Obama, falling from $55,958 in January 2009 to $52,163 in November 2013. Instead of back door deals resulting in harmful policy decisions, the American people deserve an open conversation on how we can create jobs and boost the economy.

With the President choosing to abide by his own rules, he leaves Congress out of the decision making process only to hurt American families. The House has passed dozens of bills to help put Americans back to work and prepare them for the workforce. These pro- jobs bills are collecting dust on Harry Reid’s desk.  The President stressed the importance of coming together for the American people, but going behind the backs of the people Americans elected is a far cry from bipartisanship. I hope that in future the President will choose to work with Congress for the best outcome of our country.

As we move forward as a nation it is important for me hear from you. Please share your story by calling my office at (202)-225-6265 or sending me an email at

The GOP may be wrong about attacking conservatives & TEA Party

It may be too late for the GOP in Ohio and across the U.S. to stop and look in the mirror. For some time now the party has elected to pressure and bully any conservative member who won’t tow the party line lock, stock and barrel. Now with the help of the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce  Tom Donohue, the Chamber has pledged $50,000,000. to defeat TEA Party Republican primary challengers. His quote found in a Fox News piece here says: “The Tea Party has lots of good ideas,” Donohue said. “But those people are not helping us.” Remember the quote from radio host Jim Quinn is “everything before “but” is bull.”

The writing on the wall began back on April 26, 2013 when Governor John Kasich, along with the Ohio Republican Party establishment, hand-selected Matt Borges as the new statewide Chairman of the GOP. According to Lori Viars in her Blog post December 24, 2013Conservatives objected to this choice for several reasons.  A liberal homosexual group, Equality Ohio, had Borges registered as their lobbyist or agent as recently as 2012.  Equality Ohio was formed to counter the Ohio Marriage Amendment, which passed by nearly 62% of the vote in 2004.  The Marriage Amendment, supported by numerous Christian and conservative groups, states that only a marriage between one man and one woman is valid in Ohio.  In addition, the national platform of the Republican Party calls for protection of traditional marriage.

In October of 2013 Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich again turns his back on conservative values and his own legislature on Medicaid expansion despite the passage of the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment. “After nine months of battling with the state GOP’s conservative wing, Kasich resorted to an uncommon maneuver in which he turned to a relatively obscure state board with power over certain budget decisions. The board voted to accept $2.55 billion in federal money to cover the cost of expanding Medicaid in Ohio through July 2015.” The Governor is subsequently being sued over the move. “… This case is not about whether the controversial and highly contested expansion is wise public policy,” the plaintiffs wrote. “Rather, the salient and critical legal issue before the court is whether the executive branch of government may effectuate such a major policy change administratively — not only without a vote of the Ohio General Assembly but over the objections of the General Assembly, as expressed through its unambiguous acts.

According to web site In December, House Speaker John Boehner lashed out at some of the Tea Party-related groups for pressuring lawmakers to oppose a budget deal.”

They’re using our members, and they’re using the American people for their own goals,” he said. “This is ridiculous.” Really Speaker Boehner, they are “using our members”? I thought the election process was intended to send the peoples representatives to carry out the will of those who elected them?

It is time the GOP in Ohio and across the U.S. face the facts, it is not the TEA Party they should fear or put an assault on. For some years now voters have fled the Republican party and registered as Independants. According to the web site voter turnout for Presidential elections averages 60% and remains largely unchanged. The data they show runs from 1948 to 2012. Yet the website research show “Overall, since the historic 2008 election: • Democratic registration is down 842,376, or 5.5%; and, Republican registration is down 229,112, or 1.9%; and, Independent registration is up 345,811, or 4.6%.

Without the scientific evidence to support it, I would surmise that voters across Ohio have left these parties and voted for the candidate they felt best fit their values, views and beliefs. It is the GOP’s position and actions these voters have left and for most shall never return. It is no wander amnesty has become something this part now fully wants and will vote to pass. “House Speaker John A. Boehner announced Tuesday that he has hired a longtime advocate of legalizing illegal immigrants to be an adviser, signaling that the Republican is still intent on trying to pass an immigration bill during this congressional session.

So for 2014 the GOP in Ohio and elsewhere have abandoned yet another key principle, this time it is from the Bible: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” Matthew 12:25 NKJV

Racism Doesn’t Really Exist – As Long as You are White

Reverse Racism for Parking

I had an interesting business trip this past week. I had to fly to Orlando for a trade show. Normally I do not rent a car as I try to make arrangements so I can either take a shared ride van or cab to the hotels and then try to walk to the convention centers. I do this mainly to try to save money and hassles. This time was no different.

After the end of the second day of the show, I had one of my customers give me a ride as I took them out to dinner. We got talking about the parking situation at the Orange County Convention Center. They were upset that they had to pay $15.00 for parking. At first I wondered what their problem was. Then they revealed why the were upset.

They relayed the story that when they pulled in line to park in the rear parking lot of the convention center, they were asked what show they were attending. They replied they were their for the ISS (Imprinted Sportswear Show). They found out later (and told the parking lot attendant the next day, they were there for the Hispanic Business Exposition. The parking fee for attending a special interest or “minority” group show Continue reading Racism Doesn’t Really Exist – As Long as You are White

Zawistowski makes statement on Borges Tax Issues

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kent, OH

Tom Zawistowski, Candidate for Ohio Republican Party Chairman, made a statement today concerning news reports about his opponent’s delinquent taxes. Zawistowski said “I received a call from a reporter at the Dayton Daily news asking if I had any comment on a story they were working on concerning Mr. Borges’ delinquent taxes.  That is the first I had heard of the issue, but I can say that literally within hours of announcing my candidacy for Chairman on April 2nd,  I started to receive calls and emails from people I do not know telling me things that attacked Mr. Borges’s reputation. I told each of those people that I am not interested in their information.  In my view, this race is not about Mr. Borges, it is about the future of the Ohio Republican Party.  I am running because I am concerned about our Ohio Republican Party and I believe that I am uniquely qualified to address those concerns. I can unify our coalition partners, I can bring new members into the party and I can build the Ohio Republican Party into the powerhouse it should be. I am unveiling to the Republican State Central Committee a very exciting vision for the future of the Ohio Republican party. I am asking the  Committee to vote for me because of my ideas, my vision, and my leadership abilities and I believe that they will ultimately do so.”

Zawistowski is the CEO of TRZ Communication, the President of the We the People Convention, the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party and the recent Past President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition.  He has been running as the candidate that is “uniquely qualified” to unify the Republican Party. Zawistowski believes that he can return Social Conservatives to the Party, while keeping the fiscal conservatives and grassroots groups from leaving the party.  Joining them with the core moderate Republicans and then reaching out to Independents, including minorities, to grow the party base.

How Ignorant is the US Population on Gun Control?

All we could say is, “this is scary”. People will sign anything. Watch this video on a “mock” petition to take away guns from right wing extremist Tea Party members while leaving illegal guns on the streets.

Ohio Assault on Guns – A Law to Make Legal Citizens Criminals

There’s not much explaining to do on this one expect that it would make law abiding citizens criminals. You can see the actual law on the Ohio Legislative site at this link.

Sec. 2923.171. states that “No person shall knowingly possess or acquire any “assault weapon.”. If enacted and passed into law, this would make hundreds of thousands of Ohio citizens immediate criminals. It would be a felony of the 5th degree to even posses such a firearm.

This is not about assault weapons but part of a total deconstruction of the Constitution. Yes, that may sound alarmist, but consider the ramifications.

What if they tell you it from this point forward you can no longer own an SUV as they are deemed to dangerous? Sound outrageous?

Look at what Obamacare is bringing and tell me we knew everything about that before it became law….

As Introduced
130th General Assembly
Regular Session
S. B. No. 18
Senator Smith

Cosponsors: Senators Brown, Kearney, Skindell, Tavares, Turner


To amend section 109.52 and to enact sections 109.5731 and 2923.171 of the Revised Code to prohibit a person from knowingly acquiring, possessing, carrying, or using an assault weapon and to require the Attorney General to prepare for the establishment of a firearm and ammunition transactions database.


Section 1. That section 109.52 be amended and sections 109.5731 and 2923.171 of the Revised Code be enacted to read as follows:

Sec. 109.52. The bureau of criminal identification and investigation may operate and maintain a criminal analysis laboratory and mobile units thereof, create a staff of investigators and technicians skilled in the solution and control of crimes and criminal activity, keep statistics and other necessary data, maintain a firearm and ammunition transactions database, assist in the prevention of crime, and engage in such other activities as will aid law enforcement officers in solving crimes and controlling criminal activity.

Sec. 109.5731. The attorney general shall prepare for the establishment and operation of a firearm and ammunition transactions database that will be maintained by the bureau of criminal identification and investigation. The attorney general shall establish the database in conformity with the requirements of any act that is enacted by the general assembly.

Sec. 2923.171. (A) No person shall knowingly possess or acquire any assault weapon.

(B) Division (A) of this section does not apply to:

(1) Officers, agents, or employees of this or any other state or the United States, members of the armed forces of the United States or the organized militia of this or any other state, and law enforcement officers to the extent that the officer, agent, employee, or member is authorized to possess or acquire an assault weapon and is acting within the scope of the officer’s, agent’s, employee’s, or member’s duties;

(2) A manufacturer or importer of assault weapons that is licensed as a licensed manufacturer or licensed importer under the “Gun Control Act of 1968,” 82 Stat. 1213, 18 U.S.C. 1921 et seq., and any amendments or additions thereto or reenactments thereof;

(3) Carriers, warehouses, and others engaged in the business of transporting or storing firearms for hire, with respect to assault weapons lawfully transported or stored in the usual course of their business and in compliance with the laws of this state and applicable federal law.

(C) Whoever violates division (A) of this section is guilty of unlawful possession of an assault weapon, a felony of the fifth degree.

(D) As used in this section, “assault weapon” means an automatic firearm that has not been rendered permanently inoperable, a semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges, and a semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges.

Section 2. That existing section 109.52 of the Revised Code is hereby repealed.

Comical Exchange on 2nd Amendment between Piers Morgan and Stephen Colbert

Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan on Guns in the United States

Alex Jones, who started the petition to deport Piers for his support in subverting the US Constitution, confronted Morgan on his own CNN show. See the video below for more statistics to back up Alex Jones statements. I have a feeling this is just the tipping point for this issue and the people are going to stand united on this against President Obama, Congress, and those who would intend to restrict our Constitutional rights.

US Violent Crime Rates Down 50% – Lower than Britain!

This makes a lot of sense… but when does logic and facts make for good agendas? All the data is taken directly from the FBI government website and Britain’s Home Office website. This is NOT what most media outlets are reporting. Why?

Texas School District Allows Teachers to Conceal and Carry

At Harold ISD in Texas, they have allowed teachers to conceal and carry. David Thweatt logically spells out why they are allowing teachers to carry weapons on their campus. The reasoning? They are 30 minutes from law enforcement and their teachers are the first line of defense. And there are more than just one teacher carrying. The reasoning here is if only a security guard has a gun and he is killed, everyone else is dead. If one teacher is incapacitated, there are multiple others who can protect the children.

In addition, they point out that most shooters that commit these types of aggression do it in “gun free zones”.

The video is about 15 minutes long, but the reasoning for allowing this in the face of national scrutiny is extremely logical. It seems though on a national scale, logic is trumped by feelings and emotion.